Thanksgiving Dinner Heart Rate Analysis

Click here for UF vs LSU Heart Rate Analysis

I’m a man of my word.

I had high hopes for our family Thanksgiving this year.  We had new relationships, an election, and the usual expectation of family member(s) going in on the alcohol.  But for the most part, this was one of our most relaxed family events ever… Or so I thought.  I was on edge all night without even realizing it.  i averaged 81.4 BPM for the whole night compare to my usual resting  My biggest heart rate jumps came when the food presumably got to me and I started to chow down, and then when we went around saying goodbyes.  Goodbyes are always awkward for me, and I’m too self-aware of that so my heart rate jumps.  The chart is listed below.


For fun let’s do comparisons to the UF vs LSU game.  Thanksgiving is in blue superimposed over LSU in Orange.  A quick takeaway: My general resting point seems to be about equal over the two events, but the UF vs LSU Football Game caused huge variations in heart rate.

Click here for UF vs LSU Heart Rate Analysis


Event Max BPM Min BPM Avg BPM
Running 182 150 162.3
UF vs LSU 169 50 82.7
Thanksgiving 121 56 81.4
Resting 73 50 63.6

Get ready for tonight’s UF vs FSU Football Game where I’ll be taking my heart rate and watching the game at a Gator bar.


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