Program Progress #3: v1.0 Released


The third update of my program is the release of version 1.0 . The format of entering and printing data was updated. To enter players, follow the menu prompt by entering “1” and then select hitter or pitcher with “1” or “2”. The program will then ask for the player’s name, and then statistics. To print players on the screen, start by entering “2”, then select hitters or pitchers with “1” or “2”. This C++ program is complex as far as data management and output formatting, but is extremely simple in terms of baseball analytics. This program is my first baby step, and my next one will not be so simple I’m now moving into SQL programming which is much more useful for this type of data collection, along with researching and implementing sabermetric statistics.

Future Updates: Including HBP, SB, SF to make OBP numbers accurate. Allowing users to edit or delete players.

The program will be posted in the “Downloads” tab.

Download: Link


Program Progess #2: IT LIVES!


After many hours of debugging, my program runs without error or memory leaks! I spent too long looking through my code before I realized that my for loop for assigning the stats was causing memory porblems. Such a relief. As you can see in the picture above, all I have left to do is format the output so that all of the columns line up. After that, I’ll be good to go with the basic statistics, and I can start messing around with some of my own analytical ideas.

This program was written using the C++ language, and compiled using the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Express IDE. I’ve also begun learning Java to prepare myself for my “Advanced Programming Fundamentals” class in the spring semester. I am also beginning to research tutorials for SQL, as I believe that it is the best option for what I’m trying to do.

Once I fix the formatting and make the program “dummy proof”, I will upload it to this site for public use.

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Program Progress

Program image

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     Here’s a little bit of my program so far. I am using the C++ programming language, and compiling with Microsoft Visual Studio. Player’s names and statistical headings are stored in separate one-dimensional character arrays. Statistics will be stored in a two dimensional array where the first parameter represents the statistical category, and the second parameter represents the specific player’s ID. I’m writing the program so the user will have to manually enter every player and their statistics, but my eventual goal is to design the program where .txt files with MLB statistics from every player can be entered at once.